As of October 27th, over nine thousand registered Danvers voters or 46% have already cast their ballots. Early voting ends Friday and the in person election is next Tuesday at Danvers High School. Visit our event calendar for all dates and times.

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Town meeting members also voted in favor of article 7 which allows residents to own and keep livestock such as goats, sheep and pigs on their property. The zoning regulations previously restricted certain parts of town but that changed with the vote. Residents will need to follow annual permitting rules and adhere to strict guidelines.


Danvers Town Meeting members voted to take no action on the Thin Blue Line citizens’ petition on Monday. The article called on the town to authorize the use and display of the flag on fire truck and other public safety apparatus. A committee will be formed with representatives from police, fire, town meeting members, selectboard and the faith community to formulate a plan to show support for our first responders.